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The kitchen is key in every home – the room where we can come together to relax, wine, dine, chat, snack, catch up with each other, enjoy the simple pleasures of being together. At Neptune by Creative Classics we design and shape our kitchen ranges to match your requirements. Our aim is to deliver a sumptuous modern kitchen that will not only delight you but exceed your expectations. Our Neptune kitchens are classical, traditionally stylish, yet bespoke and with the option to move, re-configure and customise to suit any stage in your life. At Neptune by Creative Classics our first priority is recognising that we are helping you shape the most important room in your home.


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    The use of only the best materials offers the freedom to create the best design. Neptune kitchens are timber built using only wood from sustainable forests. This superb natural component is then enhanced by high quality construction techniques such as traditional mortise and tenon joints, dowel locks and dovetail joints, to give strength and substance for a lifetime of use. In addition, Neptune manufacturers their own stainless steel handles, chrome catches and antique brass hinges – every detail carefully taken care of.

    Having created superb, innovative design reflecting the high quality materials used, each Neptune kitchen is then hand made and hand painted. It’s about craftsmanship and care, pride in the work and in the kitchens built, ensuring that no matter how complex or intricate, a beautiful piece of furniture will be created to last a lifetime.


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    As part of an Ayrshire company which has been designing and installing prestige kitchens from a leading manufacturer for almost forty years, Creative Classics is a natural home for Neptune. Neptune by Creative Classics was established five years ago.

    Operating from a bright attractive showroom centre in Beresford Terrace, Ayr, Neptune by Creative Classics supply design and install the entire Neptune kitchen range and also feature the excellent choice of Neptune accessories.

    Our dedicated design team and craftsmen offer a friendly, professional and experienced service, ensuring that the classical Neptune range is a worthy addition to any home.

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    It’s the most important room in the house. It is the social centre, the room where we come together to eat, chat, to relax. It is also the room we ask the most of - we want it to be homely but stylish, practical and durable.  Planning and installation are key to any new kitchen. You want to make the best use of space. You want to incorporate the most modern fixtures and fittings. You want the most up to date appliances. You want to walk in and say, Wow! But you want it to work for you and last a lifetime. 

    We will design it for you. Refine it with your input and then our team of specialist tradesmen will install it, to the highest standards of finish and to a clearly defined schedule of work.  Many people only fit a new kitchen once. Neptune by Creative Classics offers the highest standards and the finest results.



Creative Classics is the Neptune kitchen specialists for Ayrshire, Greater Glasgow and the West of Scotland. Based in an attractive, bright showroom in Ayr, Creative Classics plays a leading role in the design, supply and installation of the unique range of classically inspired, traditionally built Neptune kitchens and accessories.

Not all photography shown on website is currently displayed in our Showroom.

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